Double Terminated Quartz Crystal Pendulum Necklace | Natural Gemstone Jewelry

Double Terminated Quartz Crystal Pendulum Necklace | Natural Gemstone Jewelry


Are you looking for ethically sourced crystals, a handmade gift for a loved one, into spiritual jewelry, and want to support a Black woman-owned crystal jewelry shop? I am so thrilled you are here!


Double Terminated Quartz Crystal Pendulum Necklace


I made this working copper pendulum necklace with a handpicked double terminated clear quartz point and copper jewelry wire. This pendulum necklace comes on a hearty 23-inch handmade copper chain with a handmade clasp. This crystal pendulum necklace is perfect for the natural gemstone jewelry lover who appreciates witchy and versatile jewelry. Style this crystal pendulum necklace with a crochet top or baggy knit sweater. Whether you are looking for a spiritual tool to use for divination or just accessorizing your witchy wardrobe, this necklace is for you!


Healing Properties of Clear Quartz:


Quartz is said to hold refined energy that can be used to cleanse the body and the surrounding area energetically. Quartz is a crystal that doesn’t need to be charged or cleansed; you can work with quartz to cleanse other crystals.


Pendant length: 4 1/2 cm

Pendant width: 1 cm

Total length: 24.5 in

Weight: 2.09 oz


How I Select Ethically Sourced Crystals for my Natural Gemstone Jewelry:


I handpick the ethically sourced crystals that I acquire to make my one-of-a-kind adornments. The gemstone beads and crystals that I source to create unique natural gemstone jewelry come from small local businesses located in my surrounding area (the Northeast). I also accept donated and recycled gemstones that I incorporate back into my designs. As a Black/Indigenous-owned crystal jewelry shop, Black Stone Alchemy values mindful gemstone and mineral processing/mining practices in the spirit of stepping in alignment with my cultural roots. It is essential for natural gemstone jewelry collectors to feel good about what it took to hold a beautifully shaped stone in their hands. Learn more about how Black Stone Alchemy shows up as an ethical jewelry brand.


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