Labradorite and Up-cycled Cowrie Shell Copper Earrings | Afro centric

Labradorite and Up-cycled Cowrie Shell Copper Earrings | Afro centric


Are you looking for ethically sourced crystals, a handmade gift for a loved one, into afro centric spiritual jewelry, and want to support a Black woman-owned crystal jewelry shop? You have arrived, and I am so thrilled you are here!


Labradorite and Up-cycled Cowrie Shell Copper Earrings


I made these earrings with labradorite teardrop beads, copper jewelry wire, and up-cycled cowrie shells. These earrings come on handmade copper wire earring hooks that have a protective coating of Jewelry Shield applied. These charming dangle earrings are perfect as a gift for the natural gemstone jewelry lover who also appreciates afro centric fashion. Style these culturally inspired earrings with a denim button-up shirt or a dashiki! Whether you are accessorizing your wardrobe or just looking for some meaningful but simple jewelry, these authentic gemstone dangle earrings are for you! Note that Labradorite changes color from dark blue/gray to bright iridescent blue when held at different angles.


Healing Properties of Labradorite:


Labradorite is the seers stone and is a marvelous crystal to accompany you on your journey into other realms within your consciousness. It holds an extremely mystical vibration and is useful for occult studies and metaphysical rituals. It is a stone that can be used to heighten intuition and see beyond the face value of a situation. Journey beyond the illusionary veils within your inner dimensional field. Use this stone to travel with discernment.


The symbolism of the Cowrie Shell:


Native Africans used cowrie shells in pre-colonial West Africa as currency. Using cowrie shells for divination in South America was adopted in aboriginal spiritual practices to connect with the Orishas. Cowrie shells are often used in afro centric jewelry to symbolize fertility, abundance, and good fortune.


Healing Properties of Copper:


Copper acts as a conduit for the transferring of energy from the crystal to the person wearing it. Copper boosts your electromagnetic field and is known for helping reduce inflammation and arthritis. Wearing copper amplifies the self-healing energies that your body naturally produces while absorbing the minerals present in the copper. Although copper can be used by anyone interested in its metaphysical properties or simply its beautiful hue, people of color are known to wear copper for many reasons, one of which is its association with melanin production within the body.


How I Select Ethically Sourced Crystals for my Natural Gemstone Jewelry:


I handpick the ethically sourced crystals that I acquire to make my one-of-a-kind adornments. The gemstone beads and crystals that I source to create unique natural gemstone jewelry come from small local businesses located in my surrounding area (the Northeast). I also accept donated and recycled gemstones that I incorporate back into my designs. As a Black/Indigenous-owned crystal jewelry shop, Black Stone Alchemy values mindful gemstone and mineral processing/mining practices in the spirit of stepping in alignment with my cultural roots. It is essential for natural gemstone jewelry collectors to feel good about what it took to hold a beautifully shaped stone in their hands. Click here to learn more about how Black Stone Alchemy shows up as an ethical jewelry brand.


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    Copper over time will antique and darken in color. Keep copper away from water to deter oxidation. If exposed to water, wipe with a dry cloth, use a jewelry polishing cloth to brighten your adornments. Take off your jewelry when you are going to work out, shower, or swim. Copper is maleable and therefore may bend if snagged on fabric or worn during high intensity activity, handle with sacredness and care. In the case of earrings: Clean and apply a protective coating to the copper earring hooks periodically and when necessary. REPAIR SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST FOR A FEE.


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