Moss Agate Winged Sun Disk Jewelry Set

Moss Agate Winged Sun Disk Jewelry Set


This jewelry set includes a Moss Agate winged sun disk copper necklace on a 18 inch chain and a matching pair of Moss Agate earrings, which are also made with copper wire. This jewelry set makes a great gift for yourself or for someone special!


Moss Agate mentally promotes authentic expression and communication. Emotionally it aids in balancing temperament, reduces stress, and heightens self-esteem. It helps create a nurturing bond with the Mother Earth energies. This stone also helps manifest new ideas and sparks creativity after a period of stagnation.


(Pendant design from Doors 44 Studios)


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    Copper over time will antique and darken in color. Keep copper away from water to deter oxidation. If exposed to water, wipe with a dry cloth, use a jewelry polishing cloth to brighten your adornments. Take off your jewelry when you are going to work out, shower, or swim. Copper is maleable and therefore may bend if snagged on fabric or worn during high intensity activity, handle with sacredness and care. In the case of earrings: Clean and apply a protective coating to the copper earring hooks periodically and when necessary. REPAIR SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST FOR A FEE.


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