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The gemstone beads and cut stones that I use in creating my jewelry are sourced from small, local businesses located in my surrounding area (the Northeast). I handpick the crystals that I use in my jewelry, which means I am mindful of the mining and processing practices that took place in order to hold that beautifully shaped stone in my hands.


A majority of the cabochons that I use for my talismans and amulets are cut and polished by hand at a single person operated local lapidary. The raw stones that are cut and polished are often locally mined and always hand picked by the supplier. The other source I use is a small, local business that has been mining locally for generations and can tell me where everything they sell comes from. I also have received, over the years, a generous amount of donated gemstones and jewelry scraps that I have been able to repurpose. When I shop I ask what mines the stones came from, where they were processed, and if they are aware of the working conditions of said places. If they aren’t sure, I don’t buy it.


The packaging supplies that I use consists of recycled paper both bought and donated. I package your jewelry in a small, but sturdy shipping box to reduce waste. To keep your items safe, I use biodegradable packing peanuts, that melt when run under water. If you have crystals, gemstones, jewelry making supplies, or packaging supplies you’d like to donate to me, please feel free to contact me via email: aina_sullivan@yahoo.com.


Ritual Adornments | Ancestral Offerings

Black Stone Alchemy is a collection of handcrafted wire wrapped jewelry created and designed by me, Aina Jhyana. I predominantly work with raw copper wire due to the healing and energy balancing properties that it is known to hold. Copper is a powerful conduit for crystal alchemy - meaning the mingling of energies between you and the crystals. Copper is commonly used to reduce inflammation, help oxygenate the blood, and enhance the channel between the crystals and your body. All of the stones that I select are semi precious and form an energetic bond with the copper. My intention with Black Stone Alchemy is to make jewelry that is both beautiful and alchemical in nature.

Historically, wearing talismans or amulets has been a practice among shamans, healers, and readers to aid and support them in their lifes work. With this in mind, I encourage the practice of self protection and self amplification, using crystals as a reminder of ones internal power. If you feel called, wear or hold an adornment from Black Stone Alchemy during meditation, use them as tools for rituals, and place them as an offering on an altar.


The art and interpretation of transmutation is prevalent in my work. Through the process of weaving the copper and fitting the stones the energies mingle and transform into a purposeful tool. Weaving tells the story of the piece, and each adornment is designed with the intention of bestowing love and wisdom upon the wearer. Once received, I recommend programming your adornments with your blessings to create an intimate and unique bond. Charge or cleanse your stones with your thoughts, give them a sun/moon bath (depending on the stone), or cleanse them with the smoke of your favorite ancestral herbs.



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