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I handcraft my authentic gemstone jewelry with locally sourced gemstone beads and cut stones; from local businesses located in my surrounding area (the Northeast). I hand-pick the ethically sourced crystals that I use in my natural gemstone jewelry, which means I am mindful of the mining and processing practices that took place to hold that beautifully shaped stone in my hands. 

A majority of the cabochons used in making my talismans, amulets, and pendants are cut and polished by hand at a single-person operated local lapidary. The raw ethically sourced crystals that are cut and polished are often locally mined and always hand-picked by the supplier. The other source I use is a small, local business that has been mining locally for generations and is highly knowledgeable about their specimens. When I shop, I ask what mines the stones came from, where they were processed, and if they are aware of the working conditions of said places. If they aren’t sure, I don’t buy it. I also have received, over the years, a generous amount of donated gemstones and jewelry scraps that I have been able to repurpose.

The packaging supplies that I use consist of recycled paper both bought and donated. I package your natural gemstone jewelry in a small but sturdy shipping box to reduce waste. To keep your items safe, I use biodegradable packing peanuts that melt when run under water. If you have crystals, gemstones, jewelry-making supplies, or packaging supplies you’d like to donate to me, please feel free to contact me via email: blackstonealchemy@gmail.com.



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