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Ritual Adornments | Ancestral Offerings

Hi, my name is Aina! I am a 28-year-old, Afro/Indigenous, Tennesee-born, Jersey-raised, Coppersmith. I have been making different types of jewelry and multi-media art for over ten years. When I was a kid, I told my mom that I wanted to be an Alchemist. She helped me brainstorm what that could look like in current times, and working with crystals and metals ultimately came to mind. I was fortunate enough to attend pre-college jewelry making and metalsmithing classes at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and instantly fell in love with copper. In March of 2020, I lost my part-time barista job due to Covid 19, I decided it was my chance to transition full-time with my handmade jewelry business. In January of 2021, I went live with Black Stone Alchemy. 


Black Stone Alchemy is a collection of handcrafted wire-wrapped, natural gemstone jewelry. Tying into my Afro-Indigenous roots, I predominantly work with raw copper wire due to the healing and energy balancing properties that it is known to hold. Copper is a powerful conduit for crystal alchemy - meaning the mingling of energies between you and the crystals. Copper jewelry is commonly used to reduce inflammation, help oxygenate the blood, and enhance the channel between the crystals and your body. All of the stones that I select are semi-precious and form an energetic bond with the copper. My intention with Black Stone Alchemy is to make jewelry that is both beautiful and alchemical in nature.


Historically, wearing talismans or amulets has been practiced among shamans, healers, and readers to aid and support them in their life's work. With this in mind, I encourage the practice of self-protection and self-amplification, using ethically sourced crystals as a reminder of one's internal power. If you feel called, wear or hold an adornment from Black Stone Alchemy during meditation, use them as tools for rituals, and place them as an offering on an altar.


The art and interpretation of transmutation are prevalent in my work. The energies mingle and transform into a purposeful tool by weaving the copper wire and fitting the ethically sourced crystals. Weaving tells the story of the piece, and each adornment is designed with the intention of bestowing love and wisdom upon the wearer. Once received, I recommend programming your natural gemstone jewelry with your blessings to create an intimate and unique bond. Charge or cleanse your stones with your thoughts, give them a sun/moon bath (depending on the crystal), or cleanse them with the smoke of your favorite ancestral herbs.