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Handmade Lapis Lazuli Copper Spinner Ring

Handmade Lapis Lazuli Copper Spinner Ring


Are you looking for ethically sourced crystals, a handmade gift for a loved one, or a collector of unique jewelry? I am so thrilled you are here!


This noble spinner ring is handcrafted with an 11mm thick double layer of copper. The first layer is a smooth, solid copper band, and the second layer is a wire-woven copper band that spins. The ring is a size 8 and features a stunning Lapis Lazuli stone. The ancient aesthetic of this ring makes it a perfect addition to any jewelry collection. Lapis Lazuli is known for its powerful energy, making it the perfect stone to promote wisdom and self-awareness.


This unique and eye-catching ring is made with high-quality materials and is comfortable to wear. Enhance your mood with the energy of Lapis Lazuli and add a touch of ancient elegance to any outfit with this beautiful ring.


Product Features:

  • Spinner ring
  • 5mm Lapis Lazuli stone
  • Size 8 | 11mm thick double-layer copper ring
  • Smooth solid copper band and a woven copper band



  • Unique and eye-catching design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Enhances wisdom and self-awareness with the energy of Lapis Lazuli
  • Handcrafted using ethically sourced, high-quality materials.

  • Comfortable to wear


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Would you like to discover which crystals resonate with you personally? Let's find out together!


Have any questions? I might have already answered them here!

 To maintain the beauty of your adornments, avoid exposing them to water and take them off when participating in activities such as working out, showering, or swimming. Wipe them with a dry cloth if they do get wet, and use a jewelry polishing cloth to brighten them up. Copper is a malleable material that may bend if snagged on fabric or subjected to high-intensity activity, so handle it with care. To prolong the life of your earrings, clean and apply a protective coating to the copper earring hooks periodically and as needed. If you need a repair, please submit a custom order form.


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